*Based on a True Story (I know… novel thought these days, right?)

[RAVE REVIEWS] - Learn How I Was Able to Generate $1,497.00 While ‘Scarfing’ Down my Lunch at a Nearby Cosi Restaurant, & why this is Simply ‘Business as Usual’…

Offliner’s – Get ready, this Is The Business Model You’ve Been Waiting For! And, You Can Use This EXACT System, Starting Today Using My Offline Business Model!

Don’t Take My Word for it, Just Look at what
Offline Guru Kyle Tully has to say about my system…


Dear Offline Niche Marketer,

What would it be worth to you if I could show you EXACTLY how I do it, over and over gain?

My System Runs Smooth as Silk and You Can Have it All!
I’m talking about a systematic, paint-by-numbers, “say-this-and-do that” Offline business model which leaves no client management detail out.

Wait! Isn’t that what all the other WSO’s and Offline guides offer?

Answer: Nope.

The fact is, the great majority of Offline WSO’s and Guides make their fame on “getting the ear and attention of business owners” but there is absolutely a tremendous problem that lies unaddressed:

“What Do I Say and Do, When I
Finally Have a Prospect Listening?”


Only a few will have the opportunity to learn:

My secret of how to make every client root for your success and overlook any mishaps you might make – Pg 21

My pricing structures that I systematically walk my business owners through by the hand. Perfectly formulated to build trust each step – Pg 23

Exactly how to construct credibility & likability with each new prospect, turning them into lifetime partnerships – Pg 29

How to prepare for your first meeting with a prospect that will dazzle them without any deception – actual scripting & prep checklist – Pg 32

My strategic & thought provoking, credibility forming questions to ask each prospects. These questions build your status in their eyes, while positioning you to work most intelligently for them. -Pg 42

My secret visual analogy to help business owners understand the brilliance of keyword research and your ability to leverage it for his/her benefit – Pg 48

Worth the cost of the book alone, my secret, no-fail “Closer” line to bring the business owner onboard at the end of your meeting. This killer sentence has absolutely turned my business around and only a few will EVER see it – Pg 50

100% Unique Business Model – No Rehashes… none!

Who is this for?

  • Anyone that is tired of having all these “loose ends” in their business model that makes them feel like they could use some structure to the business model. This system is strategic, and very road-mapped. There is a reason behind every step, and each step is bite-sized to lead your business owner through.

  • Anyone looking for “what to say” to a business owner prospect once you get their attention. I literally lay out the exact script that I use at every touch point. Confidence boosting, authority content to fill your conversations.

  • Anyone looking to restart their offline business with a proven fulfillment model. The model is dead-easy, but at the same time, it’s lethally effective.

  • Anyone that lacks confidence to speak with business owners and wants to know what to do next after speaking with them.

  • Anyone that loves Offline Marketing and wants to learn more angles to come from, and incorporate more service points into their model.


Who this is NOT for:

Put plainly... this is not for someone who's focused on “getting clients” and not worried about the fulfillment or lifetime support of those clients. Listen… every other guide out there supports the “how to get clients” and even though I share briefly how I do it best, and even give away my coveted “magic” business card that delivers, my system is more about how to create a lifetime customer once you get a lead. What to say, what to do, and step-by-step, word-by-word guidelines that blueprint to profits.

Okay, I’m in – What Do I Get and How Much?

The Offline Maverick Package Includes:

A Jam-Packed, 78 page PDF system manual that pours out the guts of my 100% unique Offline Business Model, leaving you the ability to clone it to the “T”. I hold nothing back and give away everything I do, and more importantly… “Why I Do, What I Do”.

Killer BONUSES worth more than 10x the price of this Package


Killer Bonus # 1: Personal Use PLR rights to my Client Proposal Document. The very document I used to collect $1497 sitting at Cosi restaurant eating lunch with a business owner, now client.

1. I give you the PDF finished document so you can know exactly how it look completed.

2. I give you a Microsoft Word copy so you can edit and use over and over again

3. I created a video module to walk you through EXACTLY how to use and edit this document.


Killer Bonus #2: A 30 Slide Editable Powerpoint Presentation. You’ll know how to use this once you read the manual. It’s part of fulfillment & it’s the exact one I use for my clients. 100% Unique – and hand created.

This document will educate the business owner on key fundamentals which positions you as the expert.

1. I give you Personal Use PLR rights to my Powerpoint presentation to use with your prospects and clients. Full details on how to use this over and over again are in the manual.

2. I created a slide-by-slide VIDEO, walking you through how to customize this powerpoint to be used for your prospects


KILLER BONUS # 3 (Worth the cost of the course 3x over alone!)

Killer Bonus # 3: Video Workshop - over the shoulder view of me starting with keyword research for a local business, ending with a page one ranking. My secret homemade SEO strategy that I use to create "entry pages" to my local businesses, and watch me get it ranked right before your eyes! I include my "CUT THE CRAP SEO CHEATSHEET" in PDF form, with a link to the video of each step. I created this myself, this is not rehashed PLR.

This is to help you do it for yourself, so you can have the confidence to speak with business owners that you can walk the talk!

Why Sell This?

Good question, but let me start by saying that I originally had no intentions to do so. Yes I want to help people out, but honestly, this took me months to put together and I have a very busy life.

The truth is, I pulled this together because my wife and I were set to have our first child and simply put, we were a bit concerned about our budget. Those on my list know this already but we are extremely excited announce that our newborn daughter Jamie has now arrived on June 4th!

Anyhow, with this change, my wife has decided to leave her career job which she really loved, but that leaves about $70,000 dollars per year from our budget. Now, even though I make really good money, I would be straight lying to you if I didn't say that wasn't an impact to our bottom line. We did a great job of living to our income... it's not hard.

Anyhow, my goal with this product was to initially pay down one particular medical debt that we have, in full, while helping others really apply a sustainable system to help boost their offline marketing business. Now it's turned into a support "Jamie" fund as it has been so well received by marketers.

Now, I've been advised not to release this by a well respected Warrior and marketer due to plagiarism concerns, and he's probably right. So the only way I can control that is to have a limited exposure.

This ISN'T your $7 WSO project- this is a full system to implement starting today. This will only be open as long as it takes me to hit my $$ goal, and it comes down immediately.


I'm still not going to charge $297, or even $197 which would be a MORE than fair price for this system. My goal is to make this affordable and as available as possible, while earning a fair wage for my work in compiling everything accordingly. So the current price is set in at only $47. But you must act now, there are no guarantees for that price.


There are NO one-time-offers, NO upsells, and NO backends on this product. You get everything I described, no marketing tactics. What you see is what you get.






PS - Right now people are CRUSHING IT with this system. If you want a paint by the numbers offline business model that is built on sound fundamentals and detailed dialogue, look no further and download the package immediately.


"As a newbie stuck in analysis paralysis, Will’s Offline Maverick WSO was like “confidence in a can”. The videos were great but the best part for me was the step-by-step scripting on how to use his “multi-step educational marketing” method to move from “lead to lifetime customer”. I've got two initial client consultations next week so, thanks to Will, I'm off to implement everything I learned."



After reading this WSO, I was truly amazed. I have bought several WSO on the offline niche over the past month, and this information is actually very useful. Someone new to the offline world could pick this up and start a successful business with tools and bonuses included in this package. As an experienced sales person and offliner, there were several things that I picked up that I am already incorporating into my practice.

Whether you are new to offline, struggling, or just looking to improve closing and increase profits, you should certainly check out this WSO. Great stuff Will! Keep me posted on anything else you release!



Will Irish’s Offline Maverick fills the “missing void” in the Offline Gold Niche and that is -What to do with a client once I’ve scheduled the appointment?

He hold’s nothing back and reveals the blueprint used to walk away from the meeting with a check in your hand. His triangle approach is a natural progression from the free consultation to closing the sale - It builds value for the client and establishes you as their trusted ally.

From his description of how to do a site analysis to a “competitive intelligence report”, this blueprint will establish you as the expert who can assist the business owner in achieving their marketing objectives online.

One of the key ingredients he provides is a copy of the very “business card” he uses to land new clients. It’s a steal and definitely will capture the attention of all who see it. It will have them contacting you to find out more!

Finally, if you follow Will’s guide as he has laid it out – it’ll be a Win-Win situation for you and the business owner! If you’ve been sitting on the fence, not sure about getting into the Offline Market, this is a must for you and will set you on the path to SUCCESS.

Jeff M.


I've been on Wills list for a while & with all the great content he was sending (no aff. offers just great knowledge sharing) I've been waiting for this book with anticipation, as he seemed to be "tweaking it" for the longest time

Was it worth the wait .... you bet!

I very rarely comment on the (too) many Offline WSO's I buy but I have to endorse this one.

I agree with all the positive praise & comments passed on by the others as this shows step-by-step what to do & say when with a client, THE part that has been only lightly covered in other products before.

The main book is very detailed, but set out in an easy to read manner.....

....... but it is the "bonuses" that I really was amazed by

Detail ..... it's ALL there.

Word for word ..... prices, techniques, explanations .... just waiting for you to "tweak it" to your own style.

Everything is there to enable you to confidently discuss a clients website whilst face-to-face, but the bonuses got me thinking ......... webinar, long distance, different countries .........?

So to those sitting on the fence ............ if you are wondering about this ........


...... or watch as those of us who have got it clean up & close MANY more deals !

Onwards & Upwards,


p.s. I don't know Will, have not met him, or spoken to him (yet) & he didn't ask for this review at all.


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